Action-management mobile game
Break eggs & sort chickens in a nugget factory.
Bask in the cynical destruction of innocent poultry.

with Julia Martinez-Baiardi, Hugo Valot, Jules-Ismaël Tien,
Léo Marambat-Patinote, Achille Loquet, Lucas de Pinho, Pierre-Louis Mabire, Pierre Hale

Unity - 2D

What i'm doing :
Creative Direction, Game Design, Production, Programming, Additional Graphics, Sound Design, Music
Chuck a Chick is my first self-published game as an indie developer!

It has a cynical approach to serious gaming: the player is lead to mindlessly commit atrocities for the sake of pursuing a high score, with the game regularly taunting him with moral questioning and facts about poultry farming.

The game is designed to revolve around a simple core loop which is often modified by special chicks entering the treadmill.